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Natural disasters can leave communities without essential services, including water and wastewater.



  • Establishes emergency contacts and protocols
  • Outlines terms for reimbursement and liability
  • Helps with FEMA reimbursements when federal disaster is declared
  • Contains indemnification and workers’ compensation provisions to protect participants


Without adequate water supplies, communities are vulnerable. There’s no drinking water or sanitation services, and it’s more difficult for law enforcement, emergency management and fire protection services to do their jobs. The longer water and wastewater services are out of commission, the harder it is for communities to recover from the economic losses that come when businesses and industries are shut down.


New York Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (NYWARN) helps communities recover more quickly. A network of utilities, NYWARN helps other utilities recover from disaster by providing rapid, short-term services --- personnel, equipment, materials, and other resources on a voluntary basis.


When you sign NYWARN’s Mutual Aid Agreement, you become part of a request and response system that understands why your utility needs to recover quickly when disaster strikes and that has what your utility needs to get back on line.


NYWARN helps members BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER an emergency with emergency planning, response and recovery.

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